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We are engaged in the creation and implementation of unique business concepts for commercial real estate, we are inventing new forms for realization business initiatives, managing objects. The group of companies SREDA unites Sergey Pergaev Architectural Bureau, construction company and consulting company SREDA. The team includes experts in the field of retail, restaurant business, e-commerce, finance, organization management, marketing and advertising, architecture and design, construction.

Our company cooperates not only with Russian partners, but also with foreign colleagues in Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland, Greece, UAE, China.


  • 01Business concept development
  • 02Marketing research
  • 03Business planning
  • 04Project management
  • 05Operational management
  • 06Architectural concept development
  • 07Design
  • 08Project cost estimation
  • 09Construction
  • 10Business process audit

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«The best restaurant»
«The best interior»

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AIM Competition

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903 designed objects
74 self-implemented projects
185 thousand sq.m of built area
50 professionals
Ekaterina & Sergey Pergaev

The founders of Sergey Pergaev architectural bureau

Being a part of SREDA group of companies, we deal with design tasks of various levels. Bureau develops projects in the field of architecture, public interiors design, landscape design and town planning. We are also pleased to participate in the conceptual projects development and to take part in the international competitions.

Our main goal is to raise the level of metropolitanity of Russian cities through architecture. It is important for us to create such spaces in which people can express themselves, to which they would like to return. We are trying to find an individual approach for each of the objects, to reveal and emphasize its features, and thanks to this, each project has its own character and specificity that distinguishes it from its counterparts. We participate in the formation of modern trends for various business sectors. At the same time, we are trying not to complicate the simple - inspired by the history and nature of the place, using traditional materials and practical approach.

and Consulting
Denis Yurkovets

CEO company "SREDA"

The company SREDA is engaged in the implementation of objects starting from idea to realization. We create business initiatives, inventing and developing high-yielding concepts. We carry out marketing research, business planning, recruitment, implement and attune all business processes, launch objects, achieve planned targets, and carry out full management. We embody our own projects, find and attract developers and investors. We can also act as consultants on some narrow business issues.

We have high competence in the field of retail real estate and restaurant industry. The team consists of specialists with extensive management skills and experience of large facilities opening, who have expertise in organizing retail, procurement, logistics, sales, marketing and advertising. Also we are very familiar with the specifics of e-commerce, software and IT-platforms for business.

Thanks to many years of experience, we helping to restart the business, we deal with crisis management, carry out audit of operating activities, adjust and change processes increasing business efficiency.


Our company performs total control over the projects at all stages of construction. We carry out full project management, which implies the launch of the facility on a "turn-key" basis, including the full set and launch of all technological processes.

Priority tasks for us are the qualitative performance of works, opening of the facilities strictly on time and in accordance with the established budget. Working in close cooperation with designers and architects, we influence the total cost of the project through budget reduction and implementation deadlines.

We treat the construction process from the business point of view, understanding the tasks that the object should solve after the opening, adapt the project considering the total financing.


23 Sovietskaya st.,
floor 2

15 Rochdelskaya st.,
building 1, floor 3, room 1, office 3

8 800 555 84 36

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Универмаг в формате
«Department store»

Городской универмаг Lukse — мультибрендовый магазин одежды первой линии в историческом здании в центре города. Работа над проектом включала в себя масштабную реконструкцию фасадов и интерьеров.

Здание включает 6 этажей, 3 из которых были открыты осенью 2015-го года и еще 3 — осенью 2016-го.

Историческое здание, в котором разместился городской универмаг, ранее являлось административным корпусом машиностроительного завода и много лет не подвергалось капитальному ремонту.

Основной задачей при проектировании стало создание единого неразрывного комплекса из двух зданий: органичная связка исторического здания и современной пристройки между собой и с городским контекстом в то же время. Вставка между зданиями №29 и №31 по улице Серебрениковская является некоторой современной интерпритацией югендстиля.

В этой части здания расположен отдельный вход, фасад которого оформлен каскадными «ступенями», обусловленными конструктивными особенностями существующего здания. Высоты этих «ступеней» связаны с пропорциями главного здания. Фасад пристройки снаружи отделан перфорированными панелями из нержавеющей стали. За нержавеющими панелями установлена подсветка, выделяющая узор контражуром и создающая эффект легких каскадом струящихся волн.

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